Super Easy Knitting for Beginners

Super Easy Knitting for Beginners

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Super Easy Knitting for Beginners: Patterns, Projects, and Tons of Tips for Getting Started in Knitting

This accessible beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know to start knitting, featuring clear, step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions.

Want to learn how to knit but are not sure how to start? With Super Easy Knitting for Beginners, adapted from Carri Hammet’s best-selling Knitting 101, you will feel confident in your skills quickly and eliminate frustrating mistakes and missteps.

Learn what you needhow to read patterns, how to select yarn, and how to troubleshoot problems and turn yarn into charming knitted accessories and clothing. Building skills through fun projects, you will find success quickly and easily while gaining confidence to try another project.

Super Easy Knitting for Beginners includes:

  • Knitting basics 
  • How to get started
  • Tools and materials 
  • Right-handed and left-handed knitting 
  • Basic knitting stitches
  • How to read a knitting pattern
  • Knitting tips and tricks
  • Troubleshooting mistakes 
  • Fun beginner-level projects 
  • Knitting confidence

This is the most comprehensive beginner’s book available, yet it won’t overwhelm you with details and instruction you don’t need or want, so you can start enjoying your knitting hobby immediately.