Smoosh Yarn - Bumpy worsted weight

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Smoosh is a fluffy, soft bouclé yarn. A basic bouclé yarn is a 3-ply yarn with a core yarn, a singles for looping, and a binder yarn. Cat Mountain Fiber's small loops make it easier to work with than many bouclé yarns (it doesn’t catch on your needle the way some do) and the resulting fabric is light, smooshy, and warm.

The bamboo content gives its light sheen that makes it seem to glow! This yarn works well for all types of garments from sweaters to small accessories.

200 Yards/100 Grams

Fiber Content: 35% Baby Alpaca/30% Merino Wool/30% Bamboo/5% Nylon

Recommended US Needle Size: 8-9

Bouclé yarn is a novelty yarn made from lengths of loops which sit together to create a fiber that is super light and dreamily soft. Named after the French word 'boucler', which means 'to curl', it's time to go loopy for bouclé! A real eye-catcher, bouclé yarn makes stunning sweaters and oh-so-warm winter hats