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Volume 3:  Editors note -> In the past our ancestors hid their practices of ancestral veneration, deity worship, knowledge of plant healers, stories of mythology, sacred and nefarious creatures.  All these ere packaged as Occult, defined as "supernatural, mystical, magical beliefs, practices or phenomena".  In recent years, we have seen articles mention the "reclaiming' of the spiritual realm and how Black women are "returning to their ancestral religions". The wonder of this is, that these practices never left and in fact were and are kept alive by those who understood that one day we, BBIMP, would openly, with joy, love, community and respect, reclaim our ancestors beliefs. ....

Packed full of content, this issue provides a sundry of articles, recipes, gardening, crochet and knit patterns, and absolute joy of creating!

Volume 2:  This second issue of Radicle Threads is an incredible gem.  Once again packed with knit and crochet patterns, mouth-watering recipes, and interesting articles, this issue has added listings for:

  • Books We Love
  • Support BBIMP Shops
  • Community Events
  • Meet the Designers
  • Meet the Dyers
  • Meet the Tech Editors 
  • Meet the Community

Volume 1:  The inaugural issue "Roots" draws from the roots of the magazine's contributors who have graciously shared their stories, be it in their designs, recipes, or articles.

Roots features contributions from artists, makers, designers, and foodies with ancestry from Jamaica, Haïti, the United States, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and more.