Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks

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Pick-up sticks are a great tool for hand-manipulated techniques that add texture to your weaving.

Pick up sticks that are available in the shop are the 15" Cricket Pick Up Sticks. 

Available to purchase from the distributor are: 

  • Cricket pick-up sticks, available in 10" and 15" lengths, fit perfectly between the loom sides. One end is pointed.
  • Petite pick-up sticks are 7/8" wide, available in 8", 12", and 16" lengths, with both ends pointed.
  • Medium pick-up sticks are 1-1/8" wide, available in 10", 18", 22", and 26" lengths, with both ends pointed.
  • Beefy pick-up sticks are 1-1/2″ wide, available in 20", 25", 30", and 35" lengths, with both ends pointed.