Felted Cactus Kit

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These fabulous felted plant kits are brought to you by local designers at Rock Paper Plant.  This proud women-of-color owned business in Washington DC specializes in botanically inspired DIY kits and classes using wool, cork, and live plants.  Check them out at rockpaperplant.com.

Do you want a houseplant without the hassle of actually keeping it alive? No light? No water? No problem! Felted cacti can survive in even the most inhospitable climates and look really cute on your desk.

These kits come with all the materials you need to sculpt a cactus out of wool and an instructional video to walk you through each step.  Each kit includes:

  • Wool 

  • Core wool roving for practice

  • 2 felting needles

  • Foam felting pad

  • Tiny terracotta pot