Bobble, by Vortex Yarns. One-of-a-kind skeins

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Imagine the impact a Super Bulky, hand spun skein of Bobble will make in any project!  Each skein of Bobble is a one-of-a-kind skein produced by Vortex Yarn.  

-Colors change organically for a true one-of-a-kind creation.

-Averaging 32yds/5.5 oz each, one skein of Bobble added with silk and ribbon yarn makes a fun, textured scarf. (Free Pattern Bobble scarf link here) 

-Mixing different colored skeins, you can create a stunning throw or wrap

-100% Merino single has spring and softness for wearing against sensitive spots 

- The Super Bulky gauge makes for a quick work up of any pattern

Vortex yarns in Northern New Mexico is a place for extraordinary hand dyed yarns and fibers, as well as hand spun yarns, multi textured yarns, and inspiration.  Inspired by the nature of the Upper Rio Grande region, color and texture are the inspirations shared by Vortex just for you on your own creative journey.